Feral Cats Project

  • Do you have stray and feral cats in your neighborhood?
  • Are you looking for a way to improve the situation?

  • Help improve the outcome for community feral cats and neighbors.

  • Make a positive difference in the feral cat population through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), Outreach, Education, and Networking to involve the general public in becoming an active part of the process.
    Learn how you can help!

Sacramento Feral Resources (SacFerals) recently launched the community Feral Cats Project to encourage the public to become involved in helping humanely control the feral cat population in Sacramento County. Volunteers are needed to assist with the Project.

There are many ways to become involved in making a positive difference in resolving feral cat issues. One of the most immediate needs is to alter cats and feed the colony. Litters of kittens are already showing up, and there will be hundreds more litters during the spring, through the summer, and beyond. Unfortunately ignoring the cat issues or blaming neighbors who feed the cats will not improve the situation – neither will starving the cats or trapping and dumping them elsewhere, which is illegal. Active Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) will improve the situation.

Feral cats are a neighborhood issue, not just the responsibility of anyone who feeds them or the neighbor who doesn’t want the cats around. Active involvement by residents to alter cats and support feral colonies throughout the County can help stabilize and ultimately reduce the feral cat population and improve the situation for neighbors and the cats. It all starts at the local neighborhood level. The GOOD NEWS is that there are currently FREE SPAY/NEUTER options available for feral cats.

Questions? Email: feralcatsproject1@gmail.com


The Feral Cats Project has been introduced to encourage public involvement with helping resolve feral cat issues in the community. Feral cats are a neighborhood issue, and active support from local residents can help improve the lives of both neighbors and feral cats.

  • Are you computer savvy? Good at problem solving?
    Volunteer in the Response Center, the front-line for information.
  • Rather be outdoors? Want to be where the action is?
    Trap and/or transport cats for altering and return to their colony.
  • Support a neighborhood colony – feed feral cats – be a caregiver – help alter, return, and monitor a colony.
  • Care about humane treatment of feral cats and find out how you can help
  • Develop awareness of feral/stray cats in your neighborhood
  • Education and communication - talk with neighbors about the cats and how to help
  • Sponsor TNR for a feral cat or a colony – supports those who need help
  • Donate food to help caregivers feed – often willing to care for, TNR, etc. but do not have the funds. – They consider surrendering cats to the shelter because they can’t afford to feed – with some support the cats can remain in place and be cared for.
The Feral Cats Project is supported by Sacramento Feral Resources (SacFerals). To volunteer with the Feral Cats Project or request information on the Project, email: feralcatsproject1@gmail.com