Free 2018 Workshops

Community Cats Workshops 2018

Our FREE Workshops are offered to encourage public involvement with helping stray and feral cats in local neighborhoods. Learn how to improve the lives of these un-owned cats. Find out how to humanely control and ultimately reduce the number of cats in the area and put an end to new litters of kittens being born now and in the long-term. Discover how you can help as a concerned resident, a feeder and/or caregiver, a SacFerals volunteer, and more. Pre-registration is required.

Workshops Schedule -  2018

Sept 30
Feral / Community Cats
Marconi Ave
9:30 am – 12:15 pm

TNR & Trapping Process
Marconi Ave
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Dec 2
Feral / Community Cats
Marconi Ave
9:30 am – 12:15 pm

TNR & Trapping Process
Marconi Ave1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Schedule subject to change - Updated Aug/18
Help community cats by helping people resolve feral cat issues so that neighbors and cats can co-exist. See workshop descriptions below.

Other Opportunities

  • Cat Help Desk - respond to feral cat inquiries for assistance

  • Trap & Transport - cats for spay/neuter
  • Colony Caregiver - manage & monitor a colony
  • Colony Feeder – help feed cats at a colony location
  • Food Donations – needed for colony cats


  • Marconi Ave - 5605 Marconi Ave, Carmichael 95608 – Library (meeting room)
  • Bradshaw Rd – 3839 Bradshaw Rd, Sacramento 95827 – County Shelter (classroom)


Learn why there are so many stray, feral, and un-owned community cats, where they come from, and why Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is the best approach at reducing their population. Whether you’re a novice or experienced with community cats, this workshop provides the foundation you’ll need to be an informed volunteer or to help with feral cats in your neighborhood. This workshop is a prerequisite for both the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and the Help Desk workshops.

This workshop teaches humane trapping skills and offers tips on how to successfully trap feral cats for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to their colony. Discover what's involved and learn how to assist others with the trapping and/or transport of feral cats for TNR. The Feral / Community Cats workshop is a prerequisite.

Assist people who file online reports about feral / community cat issues and want to know how to deal with them. Work from your personal computer and help respond to these incoming reports. Computer experience and the ability to use spreadsheets and correspond with clients via emails are necessary. The Feral / Community Cats workshop and the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) workshops are a prerequisite. This workshop is scheduled after completion of required workshops. For more information email:

When there are un-owned cats in your neighborhood, the situation may seem hopeless. Learn how responsible colony care and management can bring order and acceptance to the cats’ presence. Whether you’re a seasoned caregiver or you’re new to the role, the workshop covers all aspects of colony management. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to make connections with other caregivers and share your experiences and tips.

  1. Email Enter “Workshops 2018” in subject line.
  2. List the workshop(s) dates that you will attend.
  3. Include your name, address, email, and phone number.

You will receive a confirmation of registration plus a website link to the workshop Handbook. The 160 page Handbook is an excellent feral cat reference guide and resource. To purchase a printed copy of the Handbook (subject to availability) with binder you must pre-order a copy. It will be available for pick-up at the Feral / Community Cats workshop. The cost is $8 (cash only).

Volunteer Opportunities:
For more information on SacFerals Volunteer Opportunities go to our Volunteer page at where you can also submit a Volunteer Interest Form. If you have questions or would like to receive information on upcoming workshops email us at