Where to Find Traps

cat in a humane trap

This page contains resources for borrowing, renting and buying feral cat traps in Sacramento. Please, if you are not an experienced trapper (or even if you are) read our guide on trapping.

Traps to Borrow

The Sacramento SPCA loans traps. https://www.sspca.org/general-information/trap-loan-program
You can borrow a trap for no daily fee (a refundable deposit is required.)  Plan well ahead of time to borrow these traps and contact the TNR Coordinator at (916) 504-2818 or email feralcats@sspca.org.

Many of our volunteers also loan traps. No deposit or daily fee charged. They are FREE! (plus, you will receive a lesson). If you would like to be connected with one of them, email us with your general location and ask for this information or join a local online help group and ask there.

Some shelters also loan traps. Contact your local shelter for details. 

Traps for Rent

Western Feed Stores at 3 locations:
  • 1600 34th St.(downtown Sacramento) 916-452-4741
  • 5935 Don Way in Carmichael 916-485-1311
  • 8980 Greenback Lane in Orangevale 916-988-1011

Bradshaw Feed & Pet Supplies

7285 Bradshaw Rd. 

Traps for Purchase


Tomahawk Live Trap


Note: We do NOT recommend the inexpensive traps that can be found at some local tool / tractor supply stores. Many cats have escaped out of them.