Help Groups

First, some bad news

There are no organizations or groups (including shelters and animal control) that will come out and remove healthy cats from your business or neighborhood. This service simply does not exist. It is also illegal to relocate feral or community cats.

Next, the good news

We have all the resources you need to get started with TNR.

There are also a number of local groups available to join for things such as:
  • Borrowing a trap
  • Looking for tips and tricks
  • Asking questions
  • Finding a trapping partner

Please remember:
  • All groups listed are volunteer-based. 
  • All groups expect you to do what you can. 
  • If you have physical limitations, you may be able to find a volunteer trapper to help. You will still be expected to do something. Maybe you can bait traps and watch them. Maybe you can transport cats. Everyone is capable of helping in some way. 

Facebook Help Groups / Pages

The following additional resources may also be helpful